Thursday, September 6, 2012

Panel Presentations

We are pleased to offer a new feature at Family History Day at the California State Archives - the Archives and Libraries Panel and the Internet Resources Panel.

Archives and Libraries Panels
Learn why Archivists and Librarians are a genealogist's best friends at this panel presentation.  Representatives from a variety of local archives and libraries will provide an overview of their repository, its holdings, services to genealogists, tips and tricks for using, and more.  Topics such as the following will be addressed: types of holdings and collections; accessing online, in writing or in person; and finding aids.  Learn that using the specific repositories represented in this session can be generally applied to repositories in your ancestral locations.  There will be a question and answer period during this session.

Panelists will include Linda Johnson and Jessica Herrick, California State Archives; Kathleen Correia, California State Library; Pat Johnson, Center for Sacramento History; Gloria Gibbel, Daughters of the American Revolution; Linda Lucky, Sacramento Family History Center; and Beth Daugherty, Sacramento Public Library.

Online Resources Panels
The Internet has been a boon for conducting family history research.  Is everything you need on the Internet?  Is it all true?  Learn the answers to these questions from panel members who have expertise with a broad spectrum of Internet resources available for genealogical research and have personally lectured on the subject. They will address such topics as databases and search engines; what’s online and what’s not; fact and fiction online; free vs fee-based websites; alternate sources for subscription websites; message boards; finding databases to search - tips and tricks for queries on search engines; and more.  There will be a question and answer period during this session.

Panelists will include Lynn Brown; Joy Fisher; Melinda Kashuba; Cat Nielsen; Cath Madden Trindle; and Sheri Fenley.

Each panel will have a morning and afternoon session.  Panelists are subject to change.

Don't miss these sessions!  RSVP that you're attending by pre-registering and reserving a Class Syllabus by sending an email to
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