Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting to Family History Day at the California State Archives

Light Rail
Ideally, the best way to get to the California State Archives is to take Light Rail and get off at Archives Plaza.  You are literally across the street from the front door of the State Archives.

Parking Lots
There is a parking lot across (north) from the California State Archives.  It is free on October 13th and opens at 7:00 a.m.  Enter on the right through the alley off 10th Street which is one way going north.  See (B) below in both images.  Several handicapped spaces are in this lot.  This lot fills up fast.

This year, the California State Archives has arranged for additional free parking on October 13th.  It's on P Street between 11th and 12th Streets.  P Street is one way going west.  Entrance will be on the left.  Watch for signage.  See (D) on the first image below.

Metered Parking
Streets surrounding the California State Archives have metered parking which is monitored by City Meter Readers on Saturdays.  It is suggested that you park on the street only if you have someone who can replenish the meters regularly throughout the day.  Persons authorized to use a handicapped placard or who have DP license plates may consider street parking in accordance with placard/plate rules.

Click image to enlarge.
Snippet #1 of Google map showing
(A) The State Archives, 1020 O Street;
(B) Free parking lot, access alley from 10th Street;
(C) La Bou Cafe at 11th and O Streets;
(D) Free parking lot, enter from P Street between 11th and 12th Streets


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Snippet #2 of Google map showing
(A) State Archives;
(B) Free parking lot
(C) 'Archives Plaza' Light Rail Station at 10th and O Streets
(D) La Bou Cafe at 11th and O Streets

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