Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thank you and Acknowledgement

The Family History Day 2012 Planning Committee included Carolee Jones, Denise Richmond, Lois Shumaker and Denise Miller (pictured above left to right).  Not pictured, Judy Willey.  All are members of Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society.

The Committee would like to thank the Root Cellar members who arranged the three Sacramento area public library displays: Charlene Eberwine, Suzanne and Maria Latimer, Diane Maltase with coordination by Carolee Jones.

Volunteers were the backbone of this event and we sincerely appreciate the Root Cellar members who took time away from classes to help at various volunteer stations: Diane Alaskin, Vicki Contente, Lois Dove, Nancy Fiorini, John Jay, Suzanne Latimer,  Diane Maltase, and my non-genealogy friend Ruben Gonzalez.

We also gratefully acknowledge the many State Archives staff who volunteered their time to assist attendees, exhibitors and speakers to ensure the day ran smoothly.

It was my personal honor to work with State Archivist Nancy Lenoil and her staff, archivists Stephanie Hamashin, Linda Johnson and Sebastian Nelson in planning this event throughout the past year.  Their dedication to and support of this annual genealogy extravaganza has been steadfast and was sincerely appreciated.

Thank you also to the many speakers who shared their expertise on a variety of genealogy topics and the organizations who showcased their programs and services to attendees and other exhibitors.

And to you, the attendees, thank you for coming. Family History Day is for you,
especially if you are just beginning your journey toward your ancestral roots.
We hope your "inner-detective" was unleashed with all the new research techniques and resources you learned to enhance your quest.

Make a note - next year Family History Day will be on Saturday, October 12, 2013.  See you then....

P.S.  This blog will be dark for awhile but will return with news of the next Family History Day.  Please remain subscribed to the blog and encourage your family and friends to do the same as this blog will be the place for all news related to next year's event.

Denise H. Richmond
Chairperson, Family History Day 2012
posted by Denise H. Richmond

Photo Memories of Family History Day 2012

The California State Archives estimated that a record 450 people attended Family History Day on Saturday, October 13, 2012.  Enjoy these photos that captured the essence of the day.

Volunteer Sue Torguson, Root Cellar member,
at the syllabus pick-up tables

Volunteers Nancy Fiorini (l) and Suzanne Latimer,
both Root Cellar members

Carolee Jones, Planning Committee and Root Cellar member

Opening Session

Glenda Lloyd, Keynote Speaker

Nancy Lenoil, California State Archivist,
with Archivist Sebastian Nelson near the podium
Welcome to the exhibit area 

Rick Hanson, Root Cellar member (standing),
 at the USGenWeb exhibit 

Placer County Genealogical Society

Dan Peay and Thomas McGill
from setting up

Daughters of the American Revolution chapters

California State Library

Pat Johnson, Center for Sacramento History

"aerial" view of the exhibit area

"aerial" view of the exhibit area
Genealogical Association of Sacramento

Suzanne Hicklin, Old Sacramento Schoolhouse, behind table

Society of California Archivists

Lois Dove, Sacramento Historic Cemetery
Barbara Leak (L), Genealogical & Historical Council Sacramento Valley
  and Sue Roe, California State Genealogical Alliance 

Colonial Dames exhibit

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Katherine Weedman-Cox, Cox Black and White Lab
Sacramento Public Library, Central

Lynn Roberts, Root Cellar member (center) helping
visitors in the Root Cellar Genealogical Library 

Denise Richmond and Denise Miller (l-r)

(l-r) Shirley Riemer, Denise Richmond, Patricia Hutchings and Carolee Jones

(l-r) Shirley Riemer, Denise Richmond,
Nancy Lenoil, Patricia Hutchings and Carolee Jones

(l-r) Shirley Riemer, Wilma Curnutt, Patricia Hutchings,
Carolee Jones, Denise Richmond and Nancy Lenoil (seated)
Verna Hazelbaker, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Patricia Hutchings in period attire and Lois Dove
with the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery chatting with a visitor 

Cox Black and White Lab exhibit close-up

State Archivist Nancy Lenoil researching her ancestors 
Victoria Fisch, at laptop, helping a visitor with a look-up

Library and Archives Panelists (l-r) Gloria Gibbel, DAR;
Pat Johnson, Center for Sacramento History;
Linda Johnson, California State Archives with Denise Miller as moderator

Glenda Lloyd answering questions after the Cemetery Research class

Information gathering at the Colonial Dames exhibit
Pat Johnson, Center for Sacramento History,
with a visitor at the exhibit

Kathryn Doyle (l) and Jeffrey Vaillant with the California Genealogical Society 

Placer County Genealogical Society ready to assist visitors
Sacramento German Genealogy Society

Carolee Jones at the Reference Desk 

Dan Peay helping a visitor with a look-up on

(l-r) Dan Peay, Nancy Lenoil, Denise Richmond and Thomas McGill 
Joy Fisher and Mr. Fisher at the USGenWeb exhibit
(pictured above and below) 

Information sharing at the Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society exhibit
Sacramento German Genealogical Society exhibit;
Shirley Riemer pictured right

Visitors at the DAR exhibit

Kathy Gunning, Doris Foley Library for Historic Research,
 [Nevada City] helping a visitor

Shirley Riemer and Dan Peay chatting
Thank you to for donating tote bags


Chatting and Sharing

Sacramento Family History Center

Information gathering
(l-r) Denise Miller, Carolee Jones and Denise Richmond
with Diane Maltase taking the picture at the tote bag stuffing 'party'
One of four boxes of stuffed tote bags
posted by Denise H. Richmond