Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sacramento Public Library Displays Feature Family History Day

In a continuing effort to share the joy of genealogy with the community, two of three Sacramento-area public library displays now feature Family History Day. If your travels take you to the neighborhood, stop in to view the displays in person. Enjoy the photos below but excuse the glare from the glass. Click image for larger view.

The display at the North Highlands-Antelope Public Library will be up until September 30th. The address is 4235 Antelope Road, Antelope, CA

The display at the Arden-Dimick Public Library will be up until September 15th.  The address 891 Watt Avenue at Northrop, Sacramento, CA. 

The third display at the Fair Oaks Public Library will be available starting October 1st.

These displays were setup by Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society members Charlene Eberwine, Suzanne Latimer with daughter-in-law Maria Latimer, and Diane Maltase, with overall coordination by Carolee Jones.

The displays look great don't you think? 

North Highlands-Antelope Public Library Display
Period costume courtesy of Charlene Eberwine
and Vote Sash courtesy of Suzanne Latimer

Arden-Dimick Public Library Display
Poster on black background by Marilyn Ulbricht

Arden-Dimick Public Library Display
Look for the ax

Arden-Dimick Public Library Display
Canteen, Sluice box, ax and hose
courtesy of Suzanne Latimer

Arden-Dimick Public Library Display
Scroll of class list by Diane Maltase

Arden-Dimick Public Library Display
Census poster by Diane Maltase

Arden-Dimick Public Library Display
Charlene Eberwine rescuing the pesky poster!

Arden-Dimick Public Library Display
Carolee Jones affixing the pesky poster!
Here's a Shout-out to Loyd, Patricia and Martin who just sent their pre-registration email and reserved a Class Syllabus.  You can too - RSVP your attendance by sending an email to fhdmailbox@gmail.com.
posted by Denise H. Richmond

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